Kylie Jenner talks about their power and influence


Kylie Jenner has been famous with the simple fact of belonging to the family Kardashian; however, his real success began when she decided to launch her own line of cosmetics, which became the billionaire youngest in the world, surpasses even the fortune of all his sisters.

But it seems that its influence and power it is a gift that has, and she herself has said, you have the ultimate revealed

In a
interview for the magazine
Kylie he confessed the moment he realized that he had a big
influence on the people. He said that when he was 16 years old she just decided to cut his hair and paint it blue, people began to imitate their look and discovered that he had a great

He confessed that it was terrifying to realize that any minimum change is made, someone else could imitate him and become

The socalité already have enough money, but plans to expand its business worldwide. Kylie you want to devote as a íconodo of the young fashion, business and the celebs of the TV.