Kylie Jenner test with these photos that Stormi Webtser is IDENTICAL to it


Stormi Webster, the famous daughter of Kylie Jenner it is growing very fast and it seems that the successful entrepreneur american likes to see how you have been growing your small through photos and, at the same time, it has been devoted to compare these images with others where she appears when I was the same age your first-born.

The result? The obvious and striking resemblance that exists between Stormi Webster and her mom (when she was two years old, or less)

Maybe you thought that Stormi was more like his dad (the rapper Travis Scott)but more likely is that the recent photos comparative that has posted Kylie Jenner on social networks make you change your mind.

In them we can see that the tv star of 22 years ago had the same shape of eyebrows and eyes that Stormi when I was little, in addition to that, their noses are very similar and have a similar width on the lips.

‘I thought they were the same person for a second,’ and ‘let Them, literally, they look identical!’, were some of the comments that quickly got the tender comparison (that posteron many accounts fans of Kylie, and Stormi).

If that weren’t enough, recall that Kylie we love the tender matching outfits that you can recreate with your child constantly and not doubt and share them on social networks!