Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift… do against Donald Trump?


There is No doubt that these last few days has upped the intensity in the world, especially in politics. And certainly, one of the countries that is being affected by all, is the united States. In addition to suffering severely with all the theme of the coronavirus, in politics things have gone up in level, whose spark started for the murder of George Floyd, at the hands of the police. This has sparked riots, a anger (justified) on the part of the citizens, in addition to strong statements by celebrities, all in contran of Donald Trump. And the most vocal, certainly, have been Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

In a brief written, Lady Gaga he shared with his followers feel about everything that is going on in the world, but the strongest is that he inveighed directly against Donald Trump.

“I am so outraged by the death of George Floyd as by the large number of deaths of black people for hundreds of years, we have been snatched away in this country as a result of racism and systemic corrupt systems that support it”, mentioned Lady Gaga. And then it continues, direct against Donald Trump: “We have known for a long time that the president Trump has failed. Has the most powerful position in the world, but offers nothing more than ignorance and prejudice while still taking lives of african-american. We have known that he is a fool and a racist since he took office. Is feeding a system that already is rooted in racism and activity racist, and we can all see what is happening. It is time for a change”. Wow! Without doubt, direct and without scales.