Lady Gaga attempted to use the diamond Tiffany of $30 million to go to Taco Bell


If you saw the Oscar of 2019, you’ll probably remember the dazzling yellow diamond Tiffany, previously used by Audrey Hepburn almost 60 years earlier, around the neck of Lady Gaga. We want to say, the gem of 128.54-carat it was hard to lose …

Anyway, you may also remember that that night was important to Gaga: it was with an Oscar for Best original song. In fact, it was so important that Mother Monster forgot to return her necklace, valued at around $30 million, Tiffany & Co.

During a recent interview in The Graham Norton Show, Gaga revealed that she and her sister were in celebration mode complete, “through champagne behind the stage” and left the theatre without notifying anyone. “All were frightened of that still he wore [el collar]”he said,”when I went to the home of Madonna, the security guards were watching me sideways”.

The next stop for Gaga (and the final destination obvious to any night really great) it was, of course, Taco Bell, but the Tiffany Diamond has not reached the stage of narrow canoe of the night. “When we drove to Taco Bell, my car was stopped and the safety of Tiffany cut off politely [el collar] of my neck”explained Gaga.

This probably reads a lot more Mission Impossible than it actually was, but wow, the urgency. How worried Tiffany diamond began to whisper “I want Taco Bell” in the vault? What would be made jealous and would reveal all the other jewels valuable? Bradley Cooper, we have found your next project.

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