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The former lead singer of The Original Band The Lemon asked his followers to pray for him and for your marriage

In the midst of the rumors of an alleged

crisis in marriage


Chiquis Rivera


Lorenzo Mendez,

the exvocalista of The Original Band The Lemon used their social networks to talk about the subject, but above all, to demand respect for his private life.

It was through their stories of Instagram, the musician he regretted having to speak of the personal situation for the crosses, which, he said, he only lies to his wife and to him. However, he pointed out, before the constant rumours and harassment of the press, had to issue its stance.

I want to talk with you about something that I don’t feel I should give an explanation, or should I talk about, or comment of what is called my personal life and my marriage, but I’m seeing certain things, certain people, pages, or media that they are commenting on things that are not true. First of all, if you do not know the truth of things, better not to comment” he said.

Despite the fact that the singer is not increased in the subject, yes he called on his followers to pray for their marriage. In addition, he emphasized that the things you say are not true, so that once more, demanded respect.

“Better I ask for your prayers for each one of us, to our marriage, we would be grateful, but if you do not know the truth, plain and simply, just my wife and I know, please respect. I ask you simply to respect each one of us, and especially, yes, respect. Thank you for all your love, thank you for your support and only that,” he said.

The rumors of an alleged marital crisis appeared last may 26, after which the program Releases the Soup spread images you go to

Lorenzo Mendez trying to enter the home he shares with Chiquis Rivera

in Los Angeles; however, having no response, he decides to jump the fence. While minutes later, he is seen leaving the building with a backpack and take a taxi; this all happened on may 23.

The dissemination of these images coincided with the release of the new album of Chiquis Rivera, who in each of the interviews that he gave along to Becky G, had to talk about the topic. Even in one of them uncovered that both are taking a space and they are taking couples therapy.

“He is taking his therapy and I also. Right now we’re just pondering each one. This are things that happen and then in a month we are going to meet the first year of marriage. They all tell me, the first year is the hardest, and since I am in the hands of God (…) I married because I was in love, was ready and prepared for this stage of my life and of course, yes, there is love, I love you a lot and I’m in love (Lorenzo Mendez),” said an early-morning program.

Prior to this, Chiquis Rivera he assured that as soon as you were ready to talk about, what to do, as it has always been characterized by being a woman clear.

“I’m fine, as all of you I too have difficult days, days where I don’t want to do certain things, where I’m angry with certain people, things that happen (…) I Am a human being, I cry, I suffer, but for all the things that you also pass, unfortunately there are people who do not respect the privacy of each and put to judge, to assume, to take more of everything to the studs. You know that I always face things, if I have not done so is because I am going to do in the time that I want to, I say and be ready to do that” said in their social networks.