Marie Claire | Cara Delevingne: “The beauty is to feel confident and comfortable with the same”


Daughter of Anne Delevingne and Charles Hamar Delevingne, has two older sisters, Chloe and Poppy, the last, also a well known model and influencer of fashion. Raised in the best schools of Belgravia, the exclusive neighborhood located between the districts of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, made his first steps as a model at the age of 10.

Today, with 26, this beauty of london is a registered trademark in the entire world. Charms with his spirit, irreverent and provocative attitude, and that combo is his weapon of seduction more powerful. Also what is the ability to pass it on to camera, with that look feline to your favor.

With more than 42.6 million fans on Instagram is undoubtedly an instagirl, but she does not live in pose. He laughs at the clichés and often appear in the media wearing their ugly faces, with their tongues out, his mouth twisted or disheveled hair. However, we saw the triumph on the catwalks, and be the favorite of Chanel, Fendi, DKNY, Topshop, Mulberry, Oscar de la renta, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Mccartney, and muse for photographers like Mario Testino.

Infinite-fold cover of women’s magazines more cool, Face had obtained plenty of a coveted place in the ranks of the industry. But soon, she felt “empty“, as she herself stated. “Fashion is about all there is on the outside, and it is what it is. There’s No research, is only to create beautiful things”, defined when you had already given their first steps in the cinema with Anna Karenina, Face of an angel and Paper towns, among others.

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“It is tiring I tell you all the time what you have to do to be beautiful”, posted Face in a massed public political-philosophical inquiring about the social construction of beauty and what this implies for women. “I’m tired of that society to impose their definition of beauty. Abandoná fashion. Let the make-up. Cortate hair. Leave behind all your possessions. Who are we really? On what do we base our definition of beauty? What we consider beautiful?” he wrote in their networks.

Those were times where his look was a declaration of principles. With the head almost completely shaved, dyed blonde hair and a tattoo on the skull, the style of the actress during the film Life in a year marked a time in his life and his career.

Although he always wanted to act, the criticism is not always accompanied it, but the rebellious girl of the fashion is a locomotive out of whole cloth and that film followed Peter Pan, Kids in love and the recent Her Smell, where he acted together with the daughter of Kate Moss, who, he said, it was the successor.

However that is committed to the profession of an actress and criticize certain rules does not mean cutting ties with fashion, the catwalks, and luxury products like perfume and exclusive accessories that loves to be the image, and of course, probably work more than well-paid. He is currently the ambassador for Burberry Her, a fragrance that perfectly represents, as the new perfume aims to capture the adventurous spirit of london.

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Your attitude sweeping, restless, always in search of more, it characterizes and nourishes his personal stamp, and prints to brands that are looking for, its iconic identity. Their motto is “live to the fullest, every second and every moment is important“, he says. And if I had to give one piece of advice it would be “bark to yourself, avoid the labels and stay open to constant change“.

In terms of the beautiful: “every person has a different definition of beauty. I really see beauty as something that you feel. Someone is not beautiful unless you feel beautiful. The beauty is to feel confident and comfortable with yourself. It is much more than what is on the surface.“

Currently, various film projects dealing with the agenda of this beauty british. And in the meantime, your public appearances always give that talk. In the month of June, when he participated in a gala in the month of pride, told the media why he had decided to refer openly about her love relationship with the actress of Pretty Little Liars, , with whom there are already rumors of marriage. “Because it was our first anniversary, and why not?“, replied to be researched by the reasons by which it had uploaded to his instagram a video of him making out with your partner.

“The doors to the inside still continue to tell us, as I have said to me producers powerful in Hollywood, that you can’t do this if you’re a person not a binary,” fired Delevingne on the red carpet for the Trevorlive Gala in New York. “They tell us that we’re not normal, that we do not deserve the love even of those who should love us more than anyone else,” she declared without any half measures. During the event, was recognized with the award of Hero of the year by the Trevor Project, a service suicide prevention for youth LGBTI worldwide.

In his speech he said that he began to assume that was a person not a binary six years ago and that questioning his sexuality made him feel “like an alien“. Also confessed to having had fantasies of suicide as a teenager, and concluded: “love is something amazing. It is what the world needs most, but the least understood. It is not a building, it is something constant and anyone can conquer, but it is not easy”. She, apparently, is in that way, true to herself, authentic, and ready to find a way that will make you happy.

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