Mechanical ventilators donated by Shakira came to Barranquilla


Shakira and donations.
News Barranquilla.

The 10 machines were donated by the singer in barranquilla, add another 100 that were acquired by the district.

The mayor of Barranquiilla, Jaime Pumarejo Heins, announced that the donations sent Shakira to Barranquilla, are coming to the city.

The artist barranquilla gave to help fight the health emergency caused by the coronavirus, a total of 10 artificial respirators.

“Already went out of Miami fans donated by Shakira. Add to the 100 acquired with resources of the District”, posted the local representative in your account of Instagram.

And he said: “Before June 15, we will have 110 UCI additional patients covid”.

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With this investment, and donation will increase by 25% the availability of beds, assured the mayor of the city.

According to the latest report from the Mayor’s office of Barranquilla, the 1% of people infected with covid hospitalized and another 1% in Intensive Care Unit.

The 81% is isolated in his place of domicile, the 14% is recovered from the disease and the other 3% have died of the virus.

Up to the time registered by the Ministry of Health near 1670 cases of infected people in the capital of Atlantic.

Cover photo: @shakira

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