Millie Bobby Brown teaches us her new look for ‘Stranger Things’ | Fashion and Beauty


The Super Bowl, in addition to the comentadísima performance of Lady Gagawe left the trailer for the second season Stranger Things.

It is not in the few seconds that we have been able to see have taken out a lot of information but it has fueled the desire to see these new episodes.

We are left with many unknowns, among them, what will be the new look of Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) now that a year has passed since his emergence on the scene.

Because the story in the second season will be there, a year after the events that changed the lives of the protagonists.

Joyce (Winona Ryder) has a boyfriend and Barb (who died at the hands of Demogorgon) will be somehow present. Is what little we know of time.

The last few months are being crazy for the cast of the series.

In all ceremony of film and television that has been held since the beginning of the year (which have not been few) have been doing gala of the good vibes between them and showing how much they have been integrated among the consecrated.

Are preparing for the premiere of this new season of the next Halloween (the date of his return) promises to go leaving us clues so that we do not lose the interest.

For the moment, we already know the aspect that will look Eleven. Leaves behind his stunning look of a shaved head or wig blonde for a look that’s more feminine and looks great new hairstyle.

We have been able to see on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and reminds us of the 80’s with that short hairstyle and curly who seems to want to rival his friend’s Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).