No one has figured it out! Salma Hayek took a nap next to a curious pet and criticized


The actress Salma Hayek you have the perfect formula to overcome publication after publication on Instagram. She has become one of the celebrities that are most active on social networks, dazzling in each of his postcards. However, in this opportunity, the more they impress by their beauty, troubled his over 14 million followers. But also received one other message with a load of criticism.

But, why was this? The interpreter of “Frida” published a photo in the network of hearts that leaves taking a nap next to a curious pet. It is a owl grey and white, while posing in his head when he sleeps. In the graph, the mexican appears in your room, using glasses and very relaxed. However, he wrote the following message on the bottom of the photo: “When you get asleep with the lenses ? and a ? in the head #owl #glasses”.

Right away, the publication reported more and more “Likes” and comments on the part of his admirers. In addition, they did not hesitate in ask a couple of questions about the wild animal that rested on top of her. Thus, being birds of prey night, and should live in their natural habitat. In this sense, users are asked if they had rescued the species and why what you had in your residence. In total, the eye-catching publication reached more than 200 thousand “likes and 2,000 comments.

Salma Hayek always activist

It is worth remembering that Hayek, 53 years old, has always been tied to movements animalistic, as well as to organizations that work in pro of women. Although the diva native of Veracruz did not give details, and also answered questions from netizens, it is clear that she seeks the well-being of those around them. One of the messages that jumped out to the view of all was: “What was that owl in danger and rescued? Shouldn’t you be in the trees? What in the wild? Not as pets”.

To the end of last year, Salma was also news by posting a picture of her in the nature. Is that on previous occasions has made it clear that in their day-to-day keeps those routines to relax, meditate and rest. In the meantime, it continues to be practiced even in these times of quarantine by the Covid-19. Little by little Salma Hayek has endured her isolation in the company of his family at a residence in the United Kingdom, where they moved a couple of years ago.