Read the prequel of ‘The Hunger Games’, is there a future for this proposal is dystopian in the cinemas?


Five years have passed since we saw in the cinemas The Hunger Games: Sinsajo – Part 2the end of the story of Katniss and Peeta in the dystopian world of Panem. From the original trilogy of Suzanne Collins, Lionsgate presented four feature films that conquered the audience. In this note, we tell you more details about the new story of Collins, a novel that emphasizes on the well-remembered villain from the franchise.

Set six decades before the events that take place in the trilogy The Hunger Games, Ballad of songbirds, and snakes will continue the story of a young Coriolanus Snow, who he is in his final year at the school of the Capitol and, thanks to its outstanding performance, has a bright future is assured. The student, along with eleven other colleagues, will be selected as a mentor for the tenth edition of The Hunger Games. The event it fails to capture the interest of the public and will be in your hands to make it more attractive.

As we know from the movies, Snow would become the president of Panem and an attentive spectator of The Hunger Games. Is the renowned actor Donald Sutherland who plays with rather master this character, a villain who shows so much mastery in cruelty as in strategy.

It is interesting to know the origin of the Snow that is presented in books and movies. The novel portrays his evolution from that Coriolanus is a young man most of the Capitol until such time that we can glimpse the twisted mindset of the antagonist, as well as the characters that will be key in the development of its history.


In short, it would be interesting to know how it was Panem before the 74° Hunger Games. As we told you, this novel focuses on the tenth edition of this bloody competition. The scenario is completely different, away from the bizarre and eccentric that it was the public of the Capitol. The adaptation may be a more sober focus on the birth of this cruel event.

This is an idea that has already gained the approval of Lionsgate, who has already put hands to work to develop this tape. The writer Suzanne Collins will work very closely on the project, whose screenplay is by Michael Arndt, winner of the Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine. Once more, the address will be in charge of Francis Lawrence, who was behind The Hunger Games: In Flames and both deliveries Sinsajo.


This enthralling story is the first spinoff of the universe The Hunger Games. The book was published last may 19, under the seal of the Scholastic. It is expected that the launch of Ballad of songbirds, and snakes in Spanish the 3 of June.

The novel as it delves into concepts such as friendship and the dangers of excessive ambition; in addition, it contains some references that will satisfy more of a fan of the franchise, led by Jennifer Lawrence. This book is currently leading the list of best-selling books on Amazon, as well as other important rankings worldwide.

(Cover image: Composition with images of Lionsgate, and Scholastic)