Salma Hayek poses with an owl on the head, and you worrying about the birds on the wire


Salma Hayek poses with an owl on the head, and you worrying about the birds on the wire as well, the famous mexican gives the chair elegance and good humor, but also shows his face free of make-up, mode of beauty which is their favorite, according to recently revealed to People magazine.

And is that if well, Salma Hayek queen with impeccable style fashionhis work on the screen and even behind the scenes, there is a cause that fills his heart of love and that is, the wild life, followed by shares of it in Instagram

In several interviews, Salma Hayek he has spoken of how much she enjoys the company of various animals at home, where the list is led by several dogs that are his worship, in addition to clear, your family.

And is that in a week with several sad news for the pandemic, in addition to the death of George Floyd and protests that the incident has triggered in the united States, details like this can make us rejoice for a moment and Salma Hayek knows.

Salma Hayek and her feathered friend

The main residence of Salma Hayek it has large green areas and spaces where he has performed rescues animals, in addition to seeking to give you the best life possible to the animals that are part of your family.

On this occasion, the owl appears with Salma Hayek, is the same as that presented together with the flowers they received on the Day of the Mothers, and has previously revealed that it was a bird that were rescuing, so you most likely can return to their natural habitat.

What is true, is that the image of Salma Hayek without makeup with an owl on the head turned out to be quite fun for your followers social networks as Instagram and every time that you share of your farm, is the most happy, because the love of the nature it is one of the things that most happiness give more when it is done with respect.

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