Selena Gomez does not teach how to look for a few booties with elegance


The singer Selena Gomez has us accustomed to their styles and is the queen of glamour, elegance and when it is in the public events.

Recently, she surprised her fans with an outfit more sophisticated and with some shoes that caused the madness in the social networks.

The actress also sported a styling elegant, the essence of the “working girl”, a perfect outfit for the office, orange color, and with the demeanour of all high executive business.

By default, the booties that you used were perfectly matched for the occasion.

Ankle boots military style

The singer combined her outfit with a pair of boots “witch” of the brand Yuul Yie, although it has also been seen look the of the Spanish firm Zara.

“I am a obsessed shoes. Boots with heels, boots without heels, high, with or without laces… I love the boots”, he confessed to the magazine W.

She prefers the boots stylish, lace-up, which are an evolution of the classic ankle boots military type.

This type of footwear, type, victorian, also worn by the Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge; and even the actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

They may also be combined with dresses midi, jeans, going on and up with costumes of jacket, since they give a touch of sobriety and elegance.

The actress always bet on their footwear for the most striking colours, often earth tones, that blend with your skin tone and hair.

“I don’t choose my outfits considering to be among the famous best-dressed. While I feel pretty good with what I do, I do not make a case of anything else,” says the own Selena in an interview last year.

Your wardrobe in terms of shoes it complete with the Stilettos suede, sandals, high minimalist, shoes and tennis sports, ideal for being in the home.

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