Selena Gomez releases music video and joins the donations by the coronavirus


Despite the fact that the singer and former star of Disney form part of the population more vulnerable to coronavirus by your pre-existing condition, lupus, she becomes the eye of the media because of the launch of a new audio-visual and his constant altruism. Selena Gomez announced the Thursday 26 march by means of a publication on social networks, the premiere of the official video of his song Dance Again.

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The video clip full is available at Youtube and in less than 12 hours after its release, it has half a million reproductions. In the audio-visual, you see the artist dancing all alone to the beat of your song tinged with pop. This topic is part of their most recent album Rare, which launched at the beginning of the year and with the formalised its return to music after four years without having produced a disc of his own.

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“It feels a little strange to release something so joyful in the midst of a moment so heavy for our world, but I also think that is a good reminder that what we will overcome together. By every purchase of the new products of Dance Again in my shop, a part of the profits will benefit the relief Fund MusiCares COVID-19”, was the message with which Selena it also announced that it joins the list of artists who have decided to help foundations without fines profit for the pandemic.

She has told you through their social networks that you feel the need to work together during this world crisis by the coronavirus because he sees how this also has come to affect her family: “I Cannot understand why some people do not take seriously the fact that you have human lives at stake. Not trying to attack anyone. It’s just that I it is very hard witness those kinds of attitudes because I have grandparents, who are older, and a little sister who can’t go to school.”

In addition, it is not the first time that the also actress and entrepreneur supports positive social actions. Since 2009, she is a UNICEF ambassador, organization with which he has travelled to various places in vulnerable situations as Nepal and Ghana to help and be a spokesperson for their needs.

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The u.s. of 27 years is found from the last week in your home. In Instagram published a video in which he joins the initiative viral on social networks that is that the people are recorded while wash your hands for about 40 seconds. In the video, which already has more than 5 million views, Selena Gomez explains what is the correct way to disinfect them.