Shakira combines a mini dress with maxi boots to perfection


Shakira in their daily life prefer to dress very comfortable as jeans and t-shirts in neutral, but when it comes to photo sessions, work commitments, sensuality, comes to life with looks really cool and daring.

The mini dresses are part of a trend that never goes out of fashion, and in this photo posted on Instagram by the profile @shakiradivina, showed how the star of the music combines a mini dress grey with a pair of maxi boots velvet black, which elongate the feminine silhouette and give you elegance.

Shakira shows a mini dress with maxi boots

This is an image that was published in Billboard magazine in September of 2008. In that ocasiĆ³, Shakira wore the hair a lot more blonde than in the present, also shorter and with layers.

Although if you’re more of a free spirit and want a mini dress more casual, as for the weekends, Shakira also has this option in lilac and with detail in white lace. Here took the liberty to show off their curls natural fabulous.

The public world was surrendered to the feet of Shakira in February 2020 during half time of the Super Bowl that starred with Jennifer Lopez, where he showed off his best dance moves and contagious energy and music to the fans. There, one of the costumes favorites was this mini red dress, which is then transformed into a set of top and skirt.

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