Shakira listen to their fans and confirms new music project


The colombian singer Shakira, is back in the music, and after listening to some requests from his fans, is reportedly preparing to launch a new topic.

If you are a faithful follower of the colombian artist, Shakira you must prepare your new steps, and practicing the movement hip since the singer this back!

In a latest image that the big artist he has shared through his account of Instagram, shows a photo where it appears in a study recording.

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Also, several weeks ago the singer comes to share with his followers some routines daily for this quarantine.

However, it is of their latest publications that has caused stir between their followers to confirm he is preparing something special in the music.

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The interpreter of “Waka Waka” and “Loca” announced that “is preparing a new project musical”. The ad arrived accompanied by an image that appears in a recording studio.

I just read his tweets, heads. I’m already here,” wrote Shakira in the legend that accompanied his picture in Instagram.

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And as was expected, in just a few hours, the instántanea has exceeded the million likes and has several comments that celebrate their decision.

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However, it should be noted that the quarantine it has been a good time for the artist to be inspired with new topics so it has not stopped working in that and what has been documented through Instagram.

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Through the social network, the colombian he has also shared with his fans as he has combined part of his time during the confinementmoments with your family, tasks, school, university titles, music and skate.

I just graduated from a course of ancient philosophy. I already know that my hobbies are not practical but it took me hours after putting to sleep the kids. Thanks to Plato, its predecessors and the University of Pennsylvania for the ‘fun’ of these 4 weeks,” wrote Shakira at the end of April.