So are the expensive vacation Kendall and Kylie Jenner!


Kylie Jenner has known how to put your name on high, because the youngest woman in the world to have valued his fortune on nothing more and nothing less than a trillion dollars, reason by which, you can take your luxuries regarding vacation and travel deals.

On this occasion, the young entrepreneur has been enjoying a well-earned trip in the Bahamas, a place that is located in the company of her sister, Kendall Jenner, your daughter, the little Stormi, and her best friend, Anastasia Karanikolaou. In fact, it has been the same Kylie who has been sharing several pictures from her vacation, where it should be mention that it looks spectacular, because has not stopped showing off his curvy figure.

The luxurious hotel of the Jenner

As expected, to you have to know that the socialite was enjoying a luxurious vacation, with details about your accommodation came to lighttherefore , according to TMZthe Jenner are staying in one of the hotels most expensive in the Bahamas ‘rosalita’s going’, in where they have a villa six rooms, which has pool own, as well as a large garden and a lounge area, not to mention the hundreds of attendees they have at their disposal.

Because of the great luxuries that the villa in ‘rosalita’s going’, the price per night is $ 10,000. So far, the socialite takes hosted four nights, and judging by their publications in social networks, everything indicates that this will happen for a few more days in the Bahamas, so the invoice of your trip will be quite high, although, of course, to be one of the celebrities richest in the world, Jenner may have these luxurious escapes.