Sophie Turner talks about her experiences bisexual before I met Joe Jonas


Sophie Tuner and Joe Jonas are one of the couples most in love Hollywood. The actress and the singer take months promised, although they have not yet fixed the date of their wedding due to the professional commitments of both. Sophie has just granted an interview in which he talks about his condition bisexual and on experimentation with both sexes, something that has led to know with certainty that Joe is the man of her life.

The interview is published Rolling Stone and she shares the limelight with Maisie Williams, the companion of distribution in Game of Thrones. Sophie Turner has opened up about their past relationships and their feelings toward her fiance, Joe Jonas.

“Before prometerme with Joe was preparing to be a single woman for the rest of my life. But when you find the right person simply know that is who you are going to spend the rest of your life,” explains the actress.

“I know because I feel much more mature than my age appears. I feel that although I now have 23 years I’ve lived enough to know that I am in love with Joe. I know this because before him I have known many men and also many women,” says swift.

“In order to mature you have to experiment a lot. Everyone should do this. In addition I fell in love with souls, not a particular genre”, he revealed to Rolling Stone in reference to his bisexuality.

“In any case, I still don’t assimilate that I am promised. I love it. And this does not mean that you have achieved a special goal, just that I found the place where I want to stay forever,” he explained in reference to his love by Joe Jonas.