The beautiful gift that Brendon Urie did to Halsey after listening to her sad story | Today


What music unites, not divide anyone. And if you don’t tell that to Brendon Urie and Halsey, we have shown that this art is capable of anything. But that is not all.

The interpreter Nightmare he confessed by what saves the lead singer of Panic! at The Disco a special affection, and it’s all thanks to the music.

At the beginning of the month of July, Halsey responded to an interview on the radio SiriusXM, in which he shared a sad story with a happy ending. When she was little, attended a concert of their idols Panic! at The Discowhere he was given a bracelet by having bought the entrance closest to the stage.

For her, that day had a great significance, so that took care of the bracelet as to your own life. Wore it in your wrist for a year and wrapped in plastic that does not deteriorate. One of the saddest moment that she recalls was when a fellow of his college tore and laughed at her. “Look, you don’t have your stupid bracelet”, repeated again and again.

What is recorded in the mind of Halsey, who, sad and distraught, he had to accept the loss of your most valuable item.

Years later, when the artist managed to carve a niche in the hard music market, fulfilled one of his dreams: to meet Brendon Urie. Took advantage of the meeting and told the story. The reaction he had was imminent. The next day, Halsey received a bouquet of flowers, and two bracelets similar to the ones that that boy tore.

“If that does not make you the uncle most cool of the music industry, I don’t know who it could be,” noted the New Jersey. How pretty!

What we said at the beginning of these lines, and what we repeat in the following: what music unites, not divide anyone.