The criminal history of the new and controversial boyfriend of Nicki Minaj


After several comings and goings with Eminem in the end you were nothing seems to be that, now yes, yes, Nicki Minaj has a new boyfriend. And the man who has stolen the heart, Kenneth Petty, comes to the spotlight with a lot of controversy due to the dark criminal past who has to their backs, and that includes accusations of rape and murder.

At the end of last week, Nicki Minaj was celebrating her 36 birthday and I was surrounded by all his loved ones. Among them was her new boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, and took the opportunity to present it officially on Instagram with a photo in which he wrote: have you ever jumped out of that city where never happens anything? It is no secret that the two of us we’re running out of time.

And who is he? Kenneth “Zoo” Petty is a man of 40 years born in the new york neighborhood of Queens. What he does not know. What we do know is that anyone who has managed to conquer the interpreter of ‘Barbie Tingz’ has an extensive and violent criminal history that is making the shadow to her romance with the rapper.

According to the website TMZ has revealed, Kenneth is a sexual abuser and has been convicted of murder. It all started in the year 1994, when he was 16 years old. The man, by then a teenager, tried to force a girl of the same age to have sexual relations with him using a “sharp object” against her.

Kenneth was convicted of attempted rape in the first degree and served a sentence of 4 years in prison in New York. But there is still more. Because in 2000, the boyfriend of Nicki Minaj was accused of murder and spent 13 years in prison for it.

Despite the evidence, and after repeated criticism on the nets, the rapper has come out in defense of her boyfriend, but only on the subject of rape, alleging that it has been more than 20 years of what happened. In addition, he has blocked comments on his profile of Instagram.