The day that Britney Spears tried to make your own #ThaliaChallenge (and failed)


How we could have overlooked this video of Britney Spears if four days ago that the hang up? Blame the bridge, but it is one of those wonders who the ‘celebrities’ decide to give us to entertain us on a grey day of work of the middle of December. What I wanted the singer in this recording, is a mystery that will go down in history as such, but it is absolutely hypnotic.

And incomprehensible. She warns that has been placed in a summer dressdespite being in the month in which we are. Although the excuse that it was hot in their house… at this point, what we don’t understand is, if I had heat, because it gets in full motion.

The twists in on itself, as if it were the wrist of a music box, in which the hair seems to be dreadlocks, are inimitable. Well, you can imitate, but it is better to have a chair nearby to sit down and do not fall round the end of. And we warn you that, if you’re wearing extensions, you can lose the half by the way: it is proven, there is nothing more than stare at his head when he turns back.

Of the eyes, worthy of the best actor hollywood of a psychopath, better not to speak, but they are the icing on the cake to this interpretation magic that has been inevitable that we remember the day that Thalia has generated its own ‘challenge’ when you want to celebrate a milestone of ‘followers’ on Instagram. With one caveat: Britney has not managed to turn it into a challenge and that the people be released in mass to the network to upload their videos emulándola.

In his defense say that he has not had an easy year. Including a detention of a month in a psychiatric center and the loss of part of the custody of their children. Perhaps, just being held just a 2019 that, for her (for some a diva in decline) will always be of infamous memory.