The episode in which the prince of rap criticizes racism by the police


The family Banks was invited to spend the weekend in Palm Springs with the partners of Phil, the wealthy Fourth. While Vivian and Phillip was directed to the place in a helicopter, Hillary is left in charge of Ashley in the house of Bel Air, and Will and Carlton go on board the Mercedes Benz of the lord Fourth.

Everything indicated that it would be a good weekend, until on the road to Palm Springs, Carlton and Will are arrested by the police. While Carlton responds politely and immediately provided a driver’s license and vehicle documents, as says that are not the owners, are forced to come down of the car and to accompany the police to the station. Something that is not surprising to Will.

Carlton keeps calm at all times, because he is sure that in the explain what happened the cops let it go. However, Will tries to tell you that -unfortunately – because they assumed that they stole the vehicle.

Later, in between several attempts to call and even invite the press, they got it Phil and Vivian go to the scene to help them. Quickly Vivian calls the police and tells them that Will and Carlton have never stolen anything in his life, to which the officers sent to shut up and sit down.

Do not take into account the Banks until it reaches the Lord Fourth, a white male owner of the vehicle, which quickly points out to Phil as your partner legal. The response of Phil, a renowned judge, is key.

“I have a few questions for you. When he managed to get the confession of the two young what Was your attorney present? No, because I’m your lawyer. Have you notified his parents? No, because we are his parents. So don’t tell us to wait or tell us that we may sit. Open that damn cell and let out to the boys or I will make the place to pieces with so many demands that your grandchildren will need a lawyer.”

Only at that point, the police released Carlton and Will, who were able to go home after spending the weekend detained unjustly.

The most impressive thing of this episode aired in 1990 -corresponding to the sixth of the first season – is the conversation between the cousins. While Carlton argues that the police officers attempting to carry out their work, Will can’t believe that your cousin does not see the obvious: they were stopped because -seeing that they were african americans driving a car expensive – they assumed they had stolen it.

While Carlton assumes that life in Philadelphia caused that Will have a different view of the facts, of all forms asks his father if he had stopped the vehicle just by going to a lower speed while searching for an address: “I asked myself the same thing the first time I was arrested,” he said sadly Phil Banks.

The prince of rap -whose original name is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air– it is available on Netflix.