The gift of Kylie Jenner that would confirm their reconciliation with Travis Scott


Rumors of a reconciliation between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are getting stronger, so are confirming to the fans, to see the last gift that you received the least of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, the day of St. Valentine.

The young entrepreneur posted on his account of Instagram, a photo where you can see surrounded by sunflowers in your own home as if it were a garden.

In addition to the stories published the details of the decoration that had the interior of his mansion adorned with the yellow flower that Kylie has named as his favorite.

Although not named who was the person behind such extravagant detail, many fans wrote that it was a gift from her ex, Travis Scott.

Similarities with other gifts

The rapper in August of 2019 gave a surprise very similar to the breast of Stormi, but instead of sunflowers were roses that flooded the halls of the home of the entrepreneur.

In addition to that, also resemble the ornaments of that time with now.

Reconciliation imminent

Many fans of Kylie has been witnessed that the business maintains a friendly relationship with his ex-partner. During the birthday party were very much together, reported the media.

During a after party of the awards, Oscars, the 22-year old man was with his sisters, and was also Travis. And the last detail that many would cause curiosity, is the fact that Kylie have not deleted the images with the rapper in your feed of Instagram.