‘The hunger Games’ prequel to open book of sales with half a million copies


  'Hunger Games’ prequel book open salts with a half-million copies

It seems that the fans of the The Hunger games of the series I could not get enough of the book after its prequel, The Ballad of birds and Snakesopened their sale, with more than half a million copies.

The new book of Suzanne Collins came a decade after Mockingjaythe latest offer of the Hunger games, trilogy, came out in 2010. The hunger Gamesthe first of the series of books, came out in 2008, followed by the Catch of Fire in 2009, after the Mockingjay.

Despite the limitation of service the libraries are offering with some even closed for business, due to the coronavirus of the pandemic, prequel to the book still managed to sell more than 500,000 copies in combined print, e-books and audiobooks.

The print version of The Ballad of birds and Snakes led the last week’s print sales in the market with 270,000 copies sold.

It is even more sold of the Mockingjay in its opening week, with the last of them, 450,000 copies sold in 2010.

The plot of The Ballad of birds and Snakes is the set of 64 years before the first book of the Hunger games, trilogy, and has, surprisingly, a young President Snow as the protagonist. Coriolanus Snow was the antagonist in the The Hunger games of the series.

The prequel begins in the morning of the harvest, sounds familiar? Yes, the hunger games existed back then, and the book explains to readers how she became the show that is in the Hunger games, trilogy, and how the Snow had a hand in it.

But unlike the Hunger games, trilogy, the book does not focus on what is happening in the arena, but in how the Snow is plotted and uses the tribute from District 12 to catapult him to glory. Therefore, it can be said that the District 12 distributed played an important role in the rise and fall of President Snow.

The book has received good reviews that most of the praises Collins to unravel a grudging compelling story. Reluctant because who would want to President Snow in a leading role, even in a book.

To Collins ‘ credit, the book can say more about the President of Snow, your roses and poison, and his disdain for the Mockingjays, but not on the Snow in a hero.

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