The Italian football discusses return with reduced public |


With reduced audience in the stands. So he could return to play the Series A of the Italian football when you return to the activity the next June 20, which will be discussed in the next meeting of the Monday 8 as reported by the local press.

By the time all the matches of Calcium, as well as the rest of the league, “should be played behind closed doors. However the debate around re open the stadiums, even if partialcould be assessed in the coming days”, said the daily The Gazzetta dello Sport.

The established protocol until the time expected only the key players of the show (players, coaches, referees, assistants, security personnel, among others) can access to the stadiums.

However, according to the Italian newspaper, “seeing the positive evolution of the pandemic could relaxed rules and the Government to pass a certain amount of audience in the grandstands, while maintaining social distance”.

“The fans are the most important part of a club, but at this time we are forced to do without them. However, it is a problem that we must address quickly, by reasoning on a re-opening part of the stadiums according to the rules of estrangement,” said the director general of Sassuolo Giovanni Carnevali, the RAI.