“The Joker was terrifying and Harley was complex,” says the director


Although four years have passed since the premiere of ‘Suicide squad’ (2016), the director of the tape, David Ayer, continues responding to various questions of users in social networks.

It is necessary to remember that the tape, despite the fact that could raise more than $ 700 million at the box office, was shattered so much by critics as by fans. And, Jared Leto – who took the ‘Joker’- was one of the whites that the more criticism he received for his work.

At the beginning of may, the filmmaker was very emphatic when defending the actor, ensuring that: “My heart breaks for Jared: did a magnificent job. The greater part remains hidden.”

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Now returned to refer to the character, but also Harley Quinn – played on the tape by Margot Robbie – who unlike his colleague, he received many compliments, even the past month of February, Robbie released ‘Birds of Prey’, a movie alone on the anti-hero.

“This was rerecorded because the tone was “too dark”… I was inspired by Nolan. There were actual scenes with a performance that is incredible between Jared and Margot. The Joker was terrifying. Harley was complex”.

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