The mind-blowing collection of shoes from Katy Perry (which one do you like more?)


The singer revolutionized the networks with the launch of two new shoe designs which add to its incredible collection.

Katy Perry launched her shoe collection in 2017 under the name of Katy Perry Collections. High, with highlights and details super original are part of this amazing collection.

On Thursday, the day of the launch on Instagram

Since he launched his collection of shoes, every Thursday, Katy shares a design of your shoe line under the hasthtag #ShoesdayTuesday (Thursday shoes). Your fans anxiously await the posting of the singer.

This week went up a couple of designs super original. It is a few sandals, tuxedo style black and white, with buttons and bow of black satin. Oh divine!

Katy introduced in version high-heeled shoes and low. These innovative shoes raved to his followers.

For all tastes

But the stilettos with taco formed by geometric figures take all the applause. With glitter, silver and patent leather, they come in all colors.

Another of the original designs from the collection of Katy were a few mules with taco painted style rainbow.

She designs for all tastes and in all colors. Varied, original and extravagant, Katy Perry found another way to channel your creativity in the design of shoes. Good for her.