The old and luxurious residence of Halle Berry, again on sale


Nestled in the privacy of Hollywood Hills Westthe home with fine finishes of marble and stone for at least a decade dwelt winning actress of an Oscar, Halle Berrythis on sale today, again.

Built in 1989, is residence mediterranean-style 1/3-acre three spacious bedrooms, four bathrooms, pool with jacuzzi, a spa, galleries and surrounded by vegetation, it was the place that the actress X-Men inhabited for at least a decade after its acquisition in 1994 by 1,585 million dollars.

After spending years sharing it with your husband at that time, the baseball player David Justice, it was sold for a higher value when it was acquired; 4,15 million, according to the records.

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This place is located at 1368 Doheny Pl, Sunset Strip, from which you can see the south of the city of Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean is now on sale again, although its value is a little lower.

In accordance with Hilton & Hylandthe real estate company in charge of the sale, the luxurious residence is on sale for 3,795 million.

We will share a gallery with some images of this awesome place.

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