The plans of Mariah Carey for one more year, the queen of the Christmas | LOS40 Classic


Christmas does not begin when we start to see candies in the supermarket or when towns begin to decorate with lights and trees. Christmas starts when Mariah Carey and her All I Want For Christmas Is You starting to ring indiscriminately in shops, bars, and nightclubs.

It seems incredible, but already have been met 25 years since the artist launched this christmas carol on their fourth album, one of the issues that the more joys you have been given. It is estimated that the singer has earned throughout the world by this song close to 50 million dollars only in concept of royalties. This dizzying figure was due to digital sales more than physical, and is that the theme reached number 1 only when they started to post lists of sales, specifically digital. In fact, it is the single recorded by a woman before the year 2000 most downloaded in the history.

Precisely to celebrate this 25th anniversary of the album Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey has announced that the 1st November will go on sale a recut special that will include the original album coupled with a second disc with additional material. In particular, it will include his legendary christmas concert in the cathedral of Saint John The Divine in 1994 along with different remixes of the success All I Want For Christmas Is You, several tracks from his second album christmas Merry Christmas II You and a new interpretation of the theme Sugar Plum Fairy. The edition will be completed with photos unpublished from the singer, a personal note and various christmas decorations custom.

Last christmas Eve, 2018, the most famous of the artist was the song most listened to Spotifywith 10.8 million views on streaming. Every year, without exception, from that first saw the light in 1994, the issue always creeps in the main list of successful americans.

The secret of its success imperishable

Despite the idea to generalized (sometimes accurate) that a christmas album marks the beginning of the decline of an artist, Merry Christmasthe fourth studio album of Mariah, has shipped all over the world more than 15 million copies. It is the definitive christmas album more sold of the history. All I want for Christmas is you it was composed by the artist, inspired by the love that she felt for her husband, and I had all the ingredients to be a cheesiness christmas more, but I had an ace in the sleeve: the producer, Walter Afanasieff. This never imagined the success that would come to have this carol, despite the fact that he was the composer of other hits of the artist as Hero or Without youand to him also we owe My Heart Will Go On of Celine Dionknown to be the main theme of Titanic.