the shocking photo of Shakira without dentures



May 31, 2020
(18:16 CET)

Shakira has exceeded 40 years, and in some sites are questioning your physical state, however, what is certain is that the colombian singer has improved a lot physically in the last few years, especially in the details.

And is that when they come out to the light photos of the Shakira young we can observe some shortcomings with the passing of the years has known how to correct very well.

One of the most evident examples can be seen in the teeth of the singer of Colombia, and is that in recent years there has been a great evolution seeing the images of his early years as a famous.

Change of denture

Now after having gone through the operating room, equipment and other options to improve your teeth you can see a clear improvement in your mouth compared to that of Shakira brown from his early years.

Take a look at the evolution that has taken in the following photos. In them we can see the Shakira young and also the Shakira of now.

Shakira young 1

Shakira young 2

The nickname of Shakira

The friends of Gerard Pique seems to have the same sense of humor that the core of the FC Barcelona. As it has been possible to know the singer of Colombia, nicknamed the “pagafantas” when is not it present.

And is that the heritage of Shakira is well above that of your partner, which exceeds in more than 100 million euros of equity.