The six secrets of Kendall Jenner to show off a flat belly


It is not a secret that the body of Kendall Jenner, one of the children of the clan Kardashian, is perfect for modeling. She knows that the key to being the queen of the catwalk is to have an attitude of winning and a flat belly.

And it is that she knows perfectly how to wear the lower area of your abdomen so firm, toned. Their secrets are two, so simple: a rigorous regime of exercise and take care of your diet.

“The lower abdominal area is my favorite part to train. I love to shred my abs with the exercises. The next day, it hurt to laugh. So it’s like I know that I have done the exercises correctly!”, confessed the model, 24 years, through its app.

The ideal formula

In his latest photographs in Instagram, Kendall doesn’t stop showing off his flat belly to the view, increasing the desire to discover all the hidden secrets of her coveted figure.

Here the techniques that she uses:

– Kendall is a lover of Greek yogurt, is a food that consumes to the day each time you can. The same avoids the presence of the fat in your abdominal area.

– Your routine fitness also includes five categories of food: proteins, vegetables, fats, carbohydrates and water.

– To Kendall, the way to go for a few abs of steel are the exercise. She is able to do up to 1,000 repetitions in your routine.

– Loves green smoothies. All foods with green leaves such as spinach, broccoli, chard or kale.

– The young also recommends that you use a specific application to help you out with a series of abdominal: “Instant Abs Trainer“, approved by herself.

– It also consumes the quinoa, one of the so-called ‘superfoods’ that provide the body essential nutrients like fiber, calcium, magnesium, and manganese, plus vitamins B and E.

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