The smoke bomb of Lindsay Lohan after joining the second season of ‘Ramy’


Ramy Youssef has become one of the most prominent stars of Hollywood after his victory in this year’s edition of the Golden Globes, in which it won the award for best actor in a comedy for his work in ‘Ramy’, the fiction of Hulu created, starring, written and directed by himself. With that recognition in their showcase, the launch of the second season, has become quite an event, over which the creative of egyptian origin has revealed interesting details from the new episodes.

Lindsay Lohan in

Lindsay Lohan in “Among the Shadows”

The main novelty in the face of that delivery is the incorporation of the academy award-winning Mahershala Ali to the cast, which has not been alone in the section of signings, as porn actress Mia Khalifa has also made do with a cameo. And, as he explained Youssef Entertainment Weekly, that would not have been the only surprise if everything had gone as planned: “we Were interested in the idea of having people that do not know that they are muslims. We got to sign Lindsay Lohan, because Lindsay took all of that topic of converting to Islam.”

However, when everything seemed on track, the protagonist of “bad Girls” faded away. “I spoke with her and was willing to do so, and then as she does, we know it. I tried to contact her and I was summoned to the filming, and I guess I could not do it. I don’t know. I did not know of it,” said Youssef, aware of the nature of Lohan: “you can’t confine to Lindsay, that is what I know. Lindsay be Lindsay.”

Open door

Despite this negative experience, the creator of ‘Ramy’ feels no resentment towards Lohan. In another interviewgranted Variety, Youssef has said he wants to work with her in a hypothetical third season of his series: “I want to have with it later on because I’m a huge fan of your work and I think you are going to return, will experience a rebirth at any time, and I want to be a part of it.”