The sport is crying out against racism


Myths of basketball as Michael Jordan or LeBron James, the six-fold Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, tennis players the likes of Serena Williams and even players of the Bundesliga joined in the chorus of voices that speak out against the racism and police brutality in the united Statesthat has led to several consecutive nights of protests in this country.

Michael Jordan, who won six NBA championships in the decade of the nineties of the last century, issued a statement Sunday in support of the protesters. “I am with those who are denouncing racism and violence rooted towards the people of color in our country,” said Jordan, now owner of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. “We’ve already had enough,” he added.

The rage unleashed in the united States after the death Monday in Minneapolis of a black man of 46 years George Floydat the hands of a white police officer, sparked riots accompanied by looting and arson in this city in the north of the country.

The coach of The los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers, himself the son of a police officer, said that as they increased the protests was imperative to keep the death of Floyd to the forefront. “The response that we’re seeing around the country, the murder of George Floyd, is in the process,” said Rivers. “We have allowed that to pass too many tragedies in vain. This is not a problem african-american. It is a human problem“.

LeBron James it had been the first to react against the murder of Floyd. The star of the Lakers posted on Instagram the picture of the cop with his knee on the neck of a handcuffed Floyd next to another photo of the exfigura american football Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the singing of the american national hymn before a match. By that gesture, with which Kaepernick was protesting against police brutality and racial injustice in 2016, the quarterback was ostracized in the NFL and has not been able to play a single match in four years. “This… is the why,” he wrote to LeBron James, highlighting the contrast between the two photographs. “Do you understand now or still confusing to you?”.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the british pilot Lewis Hamilton, sixfold world champion of Formula 1, he denounced the silence of the “great stars” of the circuit is “dominated by whites”. “Some of you are among the biggest stars and yet remain silent in the face of injustice“he wrote the pilot of the team Mercedes in your account Instagram. “No one moves a finger in my industry that is a sport of course dominated by whites. I am one of the few people of color, still I’m alone,” added Hamilton, who is 35 years old.

Also from the world of tennis, there were reactions. Serena Williams, 23 times champion of tournaments of the Grand Slam, he wrote that he could not “find the words to say or express how sad” that you feel, in a publication of Instagram. The message came accompanied by a video of a young african-american woman, overwhelmed by emotion during an intervention in public. After fighting with her emotions, the girl is able to say: “We are black people, and we shouldn’t have to feel that way”.

The rising star of american tennis Coconut Gauff, african-american, 16 years old, I had a simple question in a publication of Instagram, which showed the faces of black americans who have died in recent years at the hands of the authorities or the white citizens.

Solidarity in the Bundesliga

Several players of the Bundesliga paid tribute this weekend to George Floyd. The gesture most spectacular it starred in the young French striker of Borussia Mönchengladbach Marcus Thuram, which held one of the goals of the victory 4-1 for his team against Union Berlin putting a knee on the ground, with his head down. Just after the match, the ‘Gladbach’ published in Twitter the photo of your young player, 22 years old, with the legend in English: “No explanation needed” (“No need for explanations”). Thuram is the son of the legendary side-Lilian Thuram, world champion with the ‘bleus’ in 1998 and has become a spokesperson against racism.

Later, it was the young English star of Borussia Dortmund Jadon Sancho which, after scoring the first of his three goals in the victory 1-6 against Paderborn, took off his shirt to reveal another with the message “Justice for George Floyd”. “Delighted with the first hat-trick of my career, a personal moment is bittersweet because there are more important things that are happening in the world today that we need to address and help to change,” wrote the English on Instagram.

The referee showed a yellow card to the england international, having removed the shirt, in accordance with the regulations. His teammate moroccan Achraf Hakimi did the same after scoring his goal.

On Saturday, it was the young midfielder’s american Schalke Weston McKennie the one who began the tributes to wear a bracelet with the message ‘Justice for George’. “To be able to use this showcase to draw attention to a problem that lasts for a long time, I feel very good!”, tweeted McKennie. “We defend what we believe and I think that it is time that they listen to us”, he added in another message.

Carlos Sainz condemns “all forms of racism and injustice”

The Spanish driver Carlos Sainz has joined the sentiment expressed by other athletes, including his teammate in the Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton, after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police and the subsequent popular revolt by these facts, with a tweet in which it condemns “all kinds of racism and injustice” and pointed out: “it Is crazy what is happening, we all have the same blood…”.

“The problems that we live in 2020 to make us think that we have gone back in time regardless of the suffering and the tears of our ancestors. It is crazy to think what is still happening at this moment, we all have the same blood…”, indicates Carlos Sainz.

“With regard to our environment, we are a global sport with workers and fans all over the world, from different backgrounds, religions, skin colors and conditions. We work together in great harmony to entertain all around the world and spread a message of sportsmanship and unity. I condemn absolutely all kinds of racism and all kinds of injustice. The diversity is what drives us forward, embrace it. Hopefully one day we all do it,” stresses Carlos Sainz.