The Trump, Will Smith, Naomi Campbell, and Chris Evans, are involved in trafficking in persons: Anonymous | Express


/ May 31, 2020

Anonymous, was also apparent in a video, where they established their stance on police abuse in the united States, in which he died, George Floyd, a citizen of african-american, after being arrested and subjected to brutality.

The network of Anonymous said that desmantelarán the network of corruption of the police and political officials throughout the united States.

And as proof, this Sunday have published a list of personalities linked to the multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was sentenced in 2008 for sexual abuse.

Jeffrey Epstein was an american tycoon, convicted for trafficking in minors in the world elite and known as a sexual predator.

Epstein was arrested again on 6 July, 2019, on federal charges of trafficking minors in Florida and New York, and on August 10 of 2019, committed suicide in his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

The investigation on the crimes related to the network of Jeffrey follow, and for that reason, Anonymous decided to make public the list of people involved in this case. Which caused great commotion on social networks.

Among the names of this list are Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka and his former wife Ivana, the model Naomi Campbell, as well as Chris Evans, Alejandro Agag Aznar, Will Smith, Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, and a lawyer with the same name as singer Michael Jackson.

The list can be found on this link. But because the list is not very clear, in social networks have hesitated on this publication.

By now there have been few people mentioned in the list which have set their stance on this publication, although it is very likely to do so in the next few hours.