The U.S., in flames on a new case of police violence


Dozens of U.s. cities, from north to south and from the Atlantic to the Pacific, were the scene in this night of violent riots in protest at the death of George Floyd, the case ms recent police violence against african americans in the pas.

A Indianpolis (north) one person died and at least two others were shot in the course of the protests that had place in the center of Indianpolis, explained at a press conference the chief of Police of the city, Randal Taylor, in a statement picked up by CNN.

The authorities have not given by the time ms details of how was the shooting and have asked their citizens to avoid the area of the incident.

Floyd died after a police white inmovilizase, already handcuffed, with a knee on the neck for several minutes, despite her pleas that I could not breathe, in a scene recorded by a transente. The indignacin for that event has been has been spreading from Minepolis, where the incident occurred, to other cities.

Thirty cities, including New York, Los angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Dallas and even Washington DC, where the incidents came in front of the White House, were the scene this Saturday of riots and clashes between protesters and policemen.

“I understand the pain that people feel. We support the right of protesters pacficos and listen to their prayers, but what we are seeing in the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or peace,” said today the president of the united States, Donald Trump home in Florida, where I’ve been to the launch of a manned rocket to the Station Spatial International (ISS).

“The memory of George Floyd is dishonored by rioters, looters and anarchists. Violence and vandalism are led by the Antifa movement (anti-fascist) and other radical groups of the left that terrorize people, innocent people, destroying jobs, damaging businesses, and burning buildings”, he added.

Trump demonstrated ms conciliator, however, that in the early hours of Friday when, after being described as “thugs,” the protesters, assured him that “when they start looting, start the shootings”, what was interpreted as a threat to shoot them.

However, at the time amenaz turn to the Army “very fast” if you ask him to quell the uprisings, which will not be the first time, as in 1992, in other race riots in Los angeles (California), the miligtares supported the Police.

The Police seems to have been hardening their response to the protests, including attacks against journalists who cover them, as reported in the last few days in Louisville, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Washington and Minepolis, where tonight, beat him and attempted to stop a group of informants, which included Efe.

Also in New York, a patrol car arroll protesters who were cerrndole the road behind a fence, that calde’an ms the minimum and reaviv the indignacin against police violence.

Those detained in the protests, which in many places are accompanied fire traffic, breaking windows of stores, acts of vandalism and looting, are counted by the hundreds.

The curfew imposed in many cities has not served to deter the protesters, nor has appeased the expulsin of the policemen involved, the arrest and prosecution of officer Derek Chauvin, who pressure the neck of Floyd with his knee, or the announcement of today Trump the opening of a research to determine if it violated their civil rights.

It has also not been a deterrent to the activation of the National Guard, a reserve corps, to support the policemen, local in Minnesota, Georgia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Colorado, Ohio and Utah.

In fact, as happened again today in Minepolis, the protesters tend to gather at the time that beginning the night curfew, this time in the area of the Fifth District, where the Friday is a bank branch and a comisara were burned.

In the different cities are repeated as the scenes of cop cars torched, roads blocked, windows broken and the launch of ccteles molotov, as well as the police response with gas lacrimgenos and rubber bullets against the protesters.

In Philadelphia, the participants in the concentrations in the center of the city vandalizaron a car police and tried to boot the statue of former mayor Frank Rizzo, a former chief of the Police as died with the reputation of having a heavy hand.

In Washington, there were repeated clashes between the protesters and the Secret Service agents outside the White House, before the protests might spread to other parts of the capital, where there were fires and looting.

In Pittsburgh several policemen were injured in riots in that town of Pennsylvania, while three journalists suffered injuries after being assaulted this time by the participants in the protests.

Also there was in Seattle, on the west coast, several law enforcement officers and protesters were injured in the protests, which for several hours had been pacficas, but “the crowd became violent and aggressive, and started throwing bottles at the police officers,” said Police.

In Los angeles, the second largest city populous in the pas, where it is also declared a curfew and is active in the National Guard, the riots spread throughout the city and even went to the slums and the wealthy of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, where there were scenes of looting.

It is also reported violent clashes with the police riot and acts of vandalism that included the burning of cop cars and windows broken.

The incidents recalled and made to fear a repeat of the serious riots of 1992 by the absolution of the policemen white who gave a beating african-american Rodney King, which resulted with more than 50 people dead and 2,000 wounded.

The indignacin by the death of Floyd has reached the world of celebrities with messages of protest and pain of such figures as Beyonc, Madonna, Billie Eilish, Mia Farrow, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, John Boyega, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Jamie Foxx, Viola Davis, Lupita’nyong, or Ava DuVernay or Janelle Mon.

“We are broken and outraged. We cannot normalize this pain. I’m not talking only on behalf of the people of color. You are white, black, brown or any color in between, I’m sure that you feel hopeless for the racism that is happening in the U.S. right now,” wrote Beyonc in your account Instagra.