The White House turned off its lights after intense demonstrations in Washington



The day June 1, 2020 will go down in history as a monumental day, because for the first time since 1889, the White house turned off its lights, and its president, Donald Trump (together with his family) had to be a refugee due to the intense demonstrations around the presidential house.

After the publication of the video of the group Anonymous with the names of the assumptions involved in parties full of excess, chaos invaded even more Washington in the early hours of this Monday. Both the president Donald Trump as his family had to be put in a bunker according to the safety protocols that must be followed, to maintain the safety of the president. Up to the moment the situation does not reach “code red” so that the family Trump it has not been transladada out of the bunker and to keep you safe, says the magazine, CNN .

Why are there demonstrations in Washington?

The death of George Floyd as a result of their violent arrest by a police officer and that was documented in the video where clearly the member of police makes unnecessary use of force despite the pleas of Floyd and stop and allow you to “Breathe” (a phrase which is now the emblem of this moving) was the main reason behind this series of demonstrations.

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