This is inside the mansion of two supermodels: Cara and Poppy Delevingne


(CNN) — If you have ever wondered what is inside of the mansion of Hollywood for a supermodel, then Cara Delevingne may have your answer: a pinball machine Playboy, a themed bar, tropical, and a party room with dancing pole upholstered in velvet.

The model and british actress of 26 years offered the magazine Architectural Digest an exclusive look inside the California home that he shares with Poppy, his older sister and colleague of modeling. In the September issue of the magazine, the session of cover photos the couple reveals a combination of extravagant styles retro, interior of bright colors and abundance of plant life.

The sisters Delevingne have been pillars in the world of fashion since Burberry selected Face –less for six years– for a 2011 campaign. Poppy, a model successful in their own right, also worked for the british brand, in addition to campaigns for Louis Vuitton.

“L. A. can be a lonely place,” said the Face of the journal, explaining the decision to live together. “You have to really make an effort to reach out to people. Given that one of us always came here for one reason or another, to be with the family it just made sense”.

Mansion of Cara and Poppy Delevingne

“This was the opportunity to build the house of the sisters of our dreams,” added Poppy. “Miraculously, we are still talking”.

Mansion of Cara and Poppy Delevingne

The result is a two-story mansion decorated with rose colors vibrant, the emerald, and printed sheets. Their furniture and interiors with eclectic include designs from american brands such as Serena & Lily, Donghia, and Bakarian Studio.

Mansion of Cara and Poppy Delevingne

But the couple also looked further afield with the sink moroccan, a chandelier of the artist mid-century Mario Lopez-Torresa and a bathroom inspired by the talavera pottery of mexico.

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The architect Nicolò Bini, whom the sisters entrusted to transform the property, he also shared his opinion on the various influences of design: “I Wanted to create a real moment of L. A. for them, with a nod to the bohemian modern California mid-century, Laurel Canyon, the great boast of Beverly Hills, the culture of surfing and a bit of Mexico,” he said. “Then we combine all that with the English of Face and Poppy to give your home another layer of charm Delevingne”.

There is also a hedonism distinctive in the design of the mansion: a room is described by Architectural Digest as a “bunker party out of the way”, complete with disco lights, walls, carpeting, a mirrored ceiling and dance installations in a tube.

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“The room feels like the Playboy Mansion with a touch of Art Deco and a pattern of David Hicks in for good measure,” said Face. “I wanted to recover the concept of the house of a bachelor and make it mine.”

The couple also invited the cameras to their respective rooms, that hint at their different tastes. While the room of Poppy has wallpaper tropical –hand painted by the firm of british interior Of Gournay–, the Face is much more sensual, with accessories of gold, red rug patterned and wall coverings made to measure, and not to mention a bed 3.3 meters wide on top of a platform with mirrors.

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“Poppy has more eye than me,” said Face to the magazine about his aesthetic sensitivity. “She has impeccable taste, so I let her take the initiative in the decoration”.

“Basically, I’m a big fan of control,” added Poppy. “Each one of us, made their mark on the design, but I was the one who was obsessed with the color of the rings of the curtain.”