Video Jennifer Lopez shows support without no penalty in Tiktok


Jennifer Lopez has impressed Tiktok not only impusiendo a new challenge, if not that in addition to exhibited their support, without no penalty.

The bride Alex Rodriguez danced in a spectacular way in the famous social network where it was thought that his incredible abs would be the protagonists, until by acc1dente and without penalty, showed their bra color black.

JLo won a challenge with their dance steps, to which fell rendered famous as Jimmy Fallon.

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The singer has proven to be very versatile in your professional career as well is an excellent actress and a professional dancer, so surely it will be very difficult to overcome in this challenge.

Jennifer has been very active in Tiktok where they often share challenges such as these and their followers completandolos.

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Many are looking forward to the wedding of Jlo and the ex-baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who is part frequent of the publications in social networks; however, the current sanitary contingency apparently is ruining the plans of the famous couple.

Some seers have pointed out that the famous puerto rican should not marry because they will end up divorcing for a third party in the relationship.