WATCH: Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Coconut Gauff and others unite to fight against racism


The police murder of an african american man was unarmed George Floyd in Minneapolis has caused protests of many sports personalities of first level. Several tennis stars, including Serena Williams, also raised his voice against social injustice last week.

The community’s tennis continues to adopt a posture bold against racism while Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Coconut Gauff and many others joined forces and expressed their outrage at the death of George Floyd.

Last week, Floyd was arrested for using a bill with counterfeit $ 20 in a store. In consequence, a white officer Derek Chauvin was recorded with my knees on Floyd. The latter begged the police that are out already that I couldn’t breathe. However, the officer ignored his plea and did not leave for several minutes until she stopped moving. Soon George was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

The incident provoked thousands of protesters congregating in the streets of several cities in the united States. In addition, the protests continue raging in social networks. The american tennis player Frances Tiafoe also started a new initiative ‘Racquet down hands up’ to spread the awareness against racial discrimination all over the planet.

Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and other sent an inspiring message

Several players, coaches and officials, past and present, including Serena, Gael Monfils, Heather Watson, Naomi Osaka, Sloane Stephens, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Coconut Gauff and his father joined Tiafoe to send a strong message and inspire others to Not give it back to racism.

“Enough is enough. “Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about things that matter” Martin Luther Jr. King. Thank you to everyone who joined us on this, it starts with each and every one of us, “ wrote Tiafoe on Instagram.

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We hope that you will take strict action against the police officer for the killing of George Floyd. In addition, racial discrimination is stopped in all over the world.

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