What diet might you have followed?


“Hello, It’s me”, is the letter of one of the most played songs of Adele, and in addition could be the walk from picture perfect to the last publication of the singer in Instagram. On the occasion of his 32 birthday, the artist uploaded a photo in which she appears unrecognizable due to its remarkable weight loss, in the that it takes time to insist. What will be their secret? You what we have!

The artist has surprised everyone with his great physical change, dominated by the loss of 70 pounds. A highly stylized figure with a dress fitting and a Adele more smiling than ever amazed the fans in their social networks, the past 5 of may. Who gave 11 million likes and beautiful words without skimping. The success of the singer in your plan of loss of weight has been the choice of his diet, opting for the ‘Diet Sirtfood’.

This type of method has been the manager of the interpreter of ‘Someone like you’ has lost 3 kg a week with the realization of a single meal a day and a total intake that does not reach a thousand calories during the first week of treatment. Created by nutritionists british Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, is intended for the regeneration of our body and effective weight loss.

In the diet ‘Sirtfood’ food is based on food ‘Sirt’, or foods rich in enzymes situinas or SIRS (Silent Information Regulators), which are responsible for generating in our body an effect similar to that which would cause the fasting or the exercise, with the consequent reduction stomach.

Adele, therefore, has based its power on products such as olive oil, strawberries, red onions, walnuts, apples or dark chocolate. All this combined with a lot of physical work, getting excellent results.

Mixing these ingredients in creative dishes for a single food, and ingesting about three shakes of vegetables up to the limit of thousand calories, you can reduce your size considerably as it has managed to Adele. The artist, from the third week of effort, was able to eat everything, following the diet. But be careful! With a intake of calories to a minimum, and a high physical activity, the danger lies in the fainting and the decrease of voltagen, something that will also need to pay special attention. Even so, for these issues, it is always best to have the advice and support of a professional.