What Nicki Minaj tries to revive its dispute with Cardi B?


Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, 2018 Met Gala

Kevin Mazur/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

The rap Anaconda it might upset the star of Bodak Yellow.

Has passed exactly a month from that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B make a truce on social networks, but what will rekindle your dispute one more time?

In September, the rapper of Dip and the star of I Like It they fought on the feast Icon of Harper’s Bazaar during the Week of the Fashion of New York. After that incident, the drama and the tension between the two artists continued to climb. But, at the end of October, Minaj went to Twitter to ask for a truce.

“Ok, guys, let’s focus on positive things from here on forward,” he tweeted. “We are all so blessed. I know that this entertains and amuses many people, but I will not discuss more of this nonsense. Thank you for the support and encouragement year after year. I love you.”

After seeing the tweet, Cardi went to Instagramshared the publication, and accepted the truce, writing, “[email protected] is good! We will be positive and we will continue forward”.

But on Thursday, Minaj premiered the music video for his song Good Formwhere act two bartenders of the club of strippers that supposedly Cardi ordered the hit.

Women, Baddie Gi and Jade, appear close to the second 40 in the video clip. Minaj also released in Instagram a photo of the duo, who, in accordance with TMZ prepare to sue Cardi.

Cardi surrendered to the police on October 1 in New York by the supposed fight in the club on strippers Flushing in August. TMZ reported that time Cardi allegedly believed that one of the women he was involved with her husband, Offset.

“Did you send a hit to girls so that makes your husband? Bitches really never do that, never attack the woman… this is what you face with your jo** * do man,” said Minaj in an episode of his radio show, Queen.

Cardi denied being involved in the alleged fight.

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