Will Smith and Chris Evans, involved in the alleged list of Anonymous



The network Anonymous you shared a list in which appeared great personalities and celebrities of the show between them it is said that were Will Smith and also Chris Evans fans altered as it wasn’t a list either.

In that document it was said that they included the name of the actor was on “trafficking in persons” in which were involved all in the list.

It all happened from the time that George Floyd an american citizen it should be noted that he was a person of color, who lost his life at the hands of a police officer after being arrested for attempting to pay with a $ 20 bill fake.

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What happened with the ciudadado sparked the fury of thousands of people not only of United States but the world, because the police took his life after that Floyd will plead that he could not breathe because he had his knee on his neck cutting off his breathing.

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The event was recorded by several people present and it was what led to the well-known network to take action on the matter by stating that desmantelarían the government of United States.

The first step that gave Anonymous was publish a list of names of persons connected with Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire convicted in 2008 of trafficking in children in addition, it was also known to be a predator s3xuaI.

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Have been several names that appeared, however, that most impressed were those of both parties who they are very dear by the public, both Smith and Evans.

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However it should be noted that the users themselves began subsequently to disprove that their names actually were in the list and even believe that other people are could even be part of a self-titled, two people with the same first name and last name.

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