Ace is the prequel of The hunger games and here you can read their first pages


The new novel in the saga is entitled the Ballad of birds-songbirds, and snakes, and is published on the 3rd of June

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The triloga ms sold the dcada (one hundred million units shipped around the world and over one million in Spain) has a continuation. Suzanne Collins, author of the successful saga, account Ballad of birds-songbirds, and snakes how to Coriolanus Snow, the arch-enemy of Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence in the film), was made with the power.

Millions of fans The hunger games they were surprised the ao last, when Suzanne Collins, I announced that there was writing a new novel The hunger gamesthe saga that we create is finished. But it was not a continuation of the adventures of Katniss Everdeen, but a prequel with Coriolanus Snow (played by Donald Sutherland in the film) as the protagonist.

Jennifer Lawrence in The hunger games
Jennifer Lawrence in The hunger games

Ballad of Birds-Songbirds, and Snakes est set 64 years before the story of Katniss Everdeen, and takes us to the so-called Das Dark of Panem (the country imagined by Suzanne Collins), who tries to recover from a rebelin and rise from the ashes.

On the other hand, has already been announced and also the director of the three latest films based on The hunger games (the first directed Gary Ross), Francis Lawrence, is working in the version cinematogrfica of the new novel. Lawrence (not related to Jennifer), the screenwriter (Michael Arndt) and the producer (Nina Jacobson) who form team in the previous adaptations.

In total, the four films based on the books of the saga written by Suzanne Collins raised in ticket office close to 3,000 million dollars (2.766 million euros). For his part, the author has explained that with Ballad of birds-songbirds, and snakes has sought to “explore human nature and its impact on our ability of survival. The story takes place ten years after the war, in a land frtil so that the characters face these questions and to define as to their views on humanity.”

The Coriolanus Snow that conocamos until now was a president cruel and tirnico, the antagonist of the rebelin of Katniss. Ballad of birds-songbirds, and snakes we transports you to the past of the evil to know its origin: Coriolanus is a young charming, moved by ambicin. The editor of the series, David Levithan, moves us about the character: “A bad leader is not born, it does, and it is the responsibility of literature to show how to build a bad leader to avoid the creation of another. Understand them as humans doesn’t justify their actions, but allows you to delve into what motivated him.”

“It is the morning of the harvest as the beginning of the dcimos Hunger Games. In the Capitol, Coriolanus Snow of eighteen years, prepare for a opportunity unique: to achieve glory as a mentor in the Games. The home of the Snow, before so influential, goes through difficult times, and his destiny depends on which Coriolanus can overcome his companions in wit, strategy, and charm as a mentor in the tribute that will be awarded. Everything is all against you. What have been humiliated when you assign to the tribute of District 12. Now, their destinies are irrevocably united…”. In this context, we located the action of the book.

Besides the future distpico posed, The hunger games, we discovered a universe static futuristic where sophistication is blended with the simple and saw from dressed in flames to military uniforms or suits colored and explosive designs of haute couture.

The styling and the fashion draw a social map of Panem, where the aspect physicist is representative of the situation of social and belonging to one or another District. In the adaptations cinematogrficas, this bet visual translates into costumes Jean Paul Gaultier, looks Alexander McQueen and crystals Swarovski molded by Judianna Makoski, Trish Summerville, and Kurt and Bart, designers of costumes. Finally, the fashion and the addresses are converted in a character ms Games: when participants are forced to change their garments austere elegant dresses to earn the favor of their sponsors.

The majestic stairway that gave entrance to the Academy tena accommodate for all pupils, as there was plenty of space for the constant flow of Government employees, teachers and students who come to the festivities of the day of the harvest. Coriolanus the rode slowly, trying to move with a natural dignity, as if someone was watching him. The people conoca (or, at least, had known their parents and grandparents), and the Snow is expected a minimum standard. That year, starting with the same da, I was hoping to get also personal recognition. The mentor in the Hunger Games was his final project before the graduation of the Academy in the summer. A actuacin impressive as a mentor, coupled with his great record academician, will secure a monetary award enough large to pay for the matrcula universitaria.

There will be twenty-four tributes, a boy and a girl for each of the twelve districts defeated, chosen by lottery to fight to the death in the arena of the Hunger Games. It was all enshrined in the Treaty of the Treachery that was done with the Das Dark of the rebelin of the districts, one of the many punishment of the insurgents. As in the past, meteran to the tributes in the Stadium of the Capitol, an amphitheatre used for sports and entertainment before the war, and they were given weapons with which to kill between them. The Capitol encouraged their citizens to see the show, but a lot of people avoided. The challenge consists in turning it into an event ms attractive.

With this in mind, for the first time, bean decided that the tributes have mentors. Twenty-four of the best students of the last course of the Academy were elected for the job, although there still were firming up the details of what that supona. Spoke prepare every one of the tributes for a personal interview, quiz even acicalarlos a little for the cameras. Around the world match in that, to continue the Hunger Games, need to evolve into a meaningful experience, and to match the youth of the Capitol with the tributes from the districts were intrigued by the citizens.

Coriolanus cross an entrance adorned with banners, black-excellent base a vaulted passageway and went into the cavernous Salon Heavensbee, from where you will see the relaying of the ceremony of the harvest. Did not arrive late, nor much less, but the salon was already full of teachers and students, besides a few in charge of the Games, whose presence was not necessary to retransmit the da of the inauguracin.

The avox circulated among the crowd with trays of posca, a drink of wine diluted mixed with honey and herbs. It was a version alcohlica of the acid concoction that had depended upon the Capitol during the war, and that, supposedly, protect from diseases. Coriolanus cogi a drink and enjuag a little mouth with the hope that erased any trace of the breath to col. However, only allowed a drink. The drink was more strongly of what I thought the most, and in the years previous had seen the students of the last course to get in ridiculous by eating too much.

The world still thought that Coriolanus was rich, although her only currency was the charm, that sought to deal with generosity while he was walking among the people. The faces lit when greeted with simpata to some and to others, asking for members of the family and dropping him another compliment.

-I do not remove it from the head of his class on the retaliation of the districts.

-I love your bangs!

-How was the operation back to your mother? Well, tell her that it’s my herona.

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