Adele condemns the racism and the “police violence” arising from the death of George Floyd



The british singer Adele has also been added to the screams of pain and outrage that have come from listening to the length and breadth of the planet as a result of the death, last week, of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, who has already been fired and prosecuted for alleged crimes of murder in the second degree and murder in the third degree, which he had held for nine minutes, without allowing to breathe.

Through your account on Instagram, the music star has wished to show, in the first place, its “solidarity” with the movement of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and their struggle in favor of “justice” and “freedom”. “I want to express my solidarity with the struggle for freedom, liberation and justice. ‘Black Lives Matter’, there is that saying their names,” she wrote to honor the victims of all these abuses.

Also, the English artist, who resides a good part of his time on the outskirts of Los Angeles, has strongly condemned harshly against the “racism” prevailing in the united States and in other countries ethnically heterogeneous, in addition to advocating for initiatives both institutional as directly coming from civil society to boot from root of such problems.

“The death of George Floyd has caused a wave of consternation throughout the world, but there are many other deaths that have not done so. The marches and the protests have not ceased to gain strength in all the world”, has been added on the need to give visibility to the situation and, above all, to the urgency of the changes.

In the same way, Adele has asked his followers to remain ‘centered’ in the contents of the protest of the demonstrations, and not so much on the riots caused by minorities violent, to be able to analyze the situation with total rationality instead of being manipulated emotionally by the more opportunistic. “You have to be angry, there are reasons for it, but also focused. Follow by listening, asking questions, and learning. We can’t lose hope, let us ‘hijack’ or manipulate,” he explained.