Adele picks up their networks, and demand justice for George Floyd: “The racism is in all parties”


City of Mexico.- Adele it pronunci against the racism and asked his followers to continue in the struggle for justice and freedom, then be outraged by the death of George Floyd.

The singer britnica I shared in Instagram a photo of the man who lost his life after being arrested with brutality by the officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a post in which I wrote a message about the situation that outraged the world and sparked protests in both pacficas as violent in United States.

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The murder of George Floyd has caused excitement around the world, there are countless others who have not done so. Protests and marches are happening all over the globe, so simultaneous, and only gaining momentum. As you are rightly angry, but focused! Keep on listening, keep on asking and keep learning”, I wrote the interpreter.

This is about racism sistemtico, police violence and inequality. And it is not only in the united States! Racism est live on all parts. Will you all heart I sympathize with the struggle for freedom, release and justice,” went on Adele.

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The publication reached more than 249 thousand ‘I like’ in the matter of minutes, besides hundreds of comments from internet users, which applauded his decision to raise the voice in the middle of the situation that generates indignacin.

Like Adele, figures such as Madonna, Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez and many celebrities ms have disseminated information and messages against racism and demand justice for George Floyd.

Source: Instagram @adele