Alec Baldwin talks about his life in quarantine with their 4 children


New York (AP).- Whether you’re impersonating the president of the Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” or presenting a new season of “Match Game”, Alec Baldwin you prefer to work close to home. And for a good reason.

The actor, 62, and his wife, Hilaria, they have four small children and a fifth on the way. So, for Baldwin it is important to be there to help raise his young family. Although the work has not been a problem for the actor winning the Emmy award, help your family to deal with the unusual circumstances of the pandemic, the Covid-19 has been at times difficult.

Even so, he believes that New York, one of the cities most affected in the world by the viruses, it will bounce back, though things will be different.

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“People will have to use masks and to comply with social distancing or whatever… because when you finish the summer (boreal) we will return to normal as much as you can,” said Baldwin.

Recently, the actor spoke with The Associated Press about his upcoming fifth season as host of the competition, “Match Game,” which premiered Sunday on ABC, as well as their struggle to achieve normalcy in your family life.

AP: How are you dealing with the pandemic and quarantine?

Baldwin: My only concern, I think, is that as you know those who are parents we need to keep these children distracted from the unusual this is. My son, who is turning 5 years old, said to me the other day “I miss the city.” You are not accustomed to this. This is not normal.

AP: What is it that strange to you?

Baldwin: Being with my wife, whom I adore, and walk together through the streets of New York. My children to go to school, an actual school of brick and cement. All that is on pause now. And my children — all children — need our help. My job is to help them to move on this, because they are beginning to understand that something is not right.

This is not normal for children. And you have to try to help them to manage their feelings and control your own feelings. Because my wife and I look at each other and we release the sigh is more exaggerated.