Anna Kendrick has no regrets about wanting to masturbate by Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling, Anna Kendrick

Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The star referred to the controversial tweet that was published some time ago.

What few could reach to hide, it was revealed by Anna Kendrick through your account Twitter in 2013:

“I could masturbate in the last row of the cinema watching Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad“wrote the actress in that time.

Before the uproar that caused his confession, he added: “Never again will I go to see a movie Ryan Gosling the film, apparently it is still ‘inappropriate’ masturbating in the last row”.

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How seriously was talking about?

Quite, as it could make any human being when referring to the sexy Ryan.

In a recent interview offered to the magazine Nylonthe actress of 27 years spoke at the event and admitted to not being repentant of what was said…

“Thank God I’ve never been in a room with him! However, I do not feel embarrassed. I’m sure that you have a good sense of humor. But probably I feel like that would have to address [el tweet]and I don’t would like to end by saying something to make it much, much worse.”, indicated Anna in the interview.

He also expressed that it is far from censored in your Twitter, so that we can continue enjoying their occurrences.

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