Athletes join the protests against racism


The protests in the U.s. against the racism and the police brutality, have joined stars of the sport. From Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton, up to footballers of Liverpool and the Bundesliga.

The athletes are expressed in different ways, by joining the demonstrators that bring five nights protesting in different cities of the united States, after the death in Minneapolis of a african american man of 46 years, George Floyd, at the hands of a white police officer.

Michael Jordan

The best NBA player of all time, shared a statement on Sunday supporting the protesters: “I Am deeply sad, really sore and very angry. I’m with those who are denouncing the racism and the violence ingrained into the people of color in our country… we have Already had enough”.

“Our voices must pressure our leaders to change the laws and we should also use our votes to create a systematic change”.

LeBron James

The player of The los Angeles Lakers, launched a major question in social networks with the complicated situation.

“Why the united States does not want us?”, he wrote the NBA star in reference to the african-american community in the united States.

The star of the NBA also shared on Instagram the picture of the cop with his knee on the neck of a handcuffed Floyd, along with another photo of the exfigura american football, Colin Kaepernick, who was banned from the NFL for demonstrating against police brutality in 2016, and kneel during the american national hymn before the game.

“This… is the why,” wrote LeBron James. “Do you understand NOW or still confusing to you?”.

Serena Williams

The tennis player Serena Williams, a 23-time champion of Grand Slam, said via Instagram that it could not “find the words to say or express how sad” you feel.

The message was accompanied by a video of a young african-american woman that says: “We are black people, and we shouldn’t have to feel that way”.

Lewis Hamilton

The pilot of the Formula 1 and six-time champion, denounced the silence of the “great stars” of the circuit is “dominated by whites”.

“Some of you are among the biggest stars and yet they remain silent in the face of injustice”.

“No one moves a finger in my industry that is a sport of course dominated by whites. I am one of the few people of color, I’m still single,” said the Mercedes driver.


The players of Liverpool were added to the demonstrationsand before you start the training this Monday, they requested that they be photographed kneeling in the center circle of the field of training.

Were 29 players who participated in the protest, who then accompanied him on the social networks with the slogan “unity is strength”.


Players of the German league decided to manifest themselves this weekend. One of the gestures more poignant was the gesture that starred in the French player of the Borussia Mönchengladbach, Marcus Thuram, who celebrated a goal by putting one knee on the ground, while stooping down the head.

He then joined the young English star of Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho, who, after scoring the first of his three goals in the win against the Paderborn, took off his shirt to show the message “Justice for George Floyd”.

Also the young midfielder american Schalke, Weston McKennie, who began the tributes to wear a bangle with the message: “Justice for George”.