Bad Bunny: cancelled in networks by attacking Lady Gaga


Bad Bunny he was living his golden moment to highlight as the highest exponent of urban music current until, in his last single introduced to Lady Gaga in a song tinged with machismo that can cost you your career.

Lady Gaga with “Rain On Me”, his duet with Ariana Grande, lives a great moment while you continue with the promotion of his latest work, Chromatica, andyou’re in the crosshairs of everyone and now the fans are very angry with Bud Bunny after listening to the new song with Anuel AA entitled “Until God says” in referring to the “Mother Monster”, despite the fact that the singer had previously been shown to favor of sexual freedom and against machismo, the letter next to the singer Anuel would indicate something very contrary to what it seemed to say.

On Twitter, Benito is now a trend especially after that comment in the one that includes Lady Gaga with the hastag #BadBunnyIsOverParty. This topic is part of the album titled Emmanuel, of Anuel AA and is composed of 22 songs with various guest artists as Enrique IglesiasKarol G, Lil Wayne and the Rabbit Evil, among others.

Bad Bunny has had several collaborations, but this latest has been a strong blow for the puerto rican singer, so has been cancelled in the network by a multitude of people that showed your opinion in the social network of the bird.

The verse that is criticism of the song of both, makes reference Lady Gaga with sexual connotations, even after he declared that he was not going to get more singles with that content. The stanza in question is this one:

“You are my Lady Gaga, I your Bradley Cooper / She swallows and I spit out”, sings Bob.

#BadBunnyIsOverParty should not be surprising therefore, apparently many of the songs of the puerto rican are as well, in some way denigrate women. Even so, people continue dancing and perreando the rhythm of it.

There is No doubt that to mess with Lady Gaga in the middle of promoting an album is something that is going to have consequences. Society has changed and has disappointed many of the audience, before it could be regarded as a business strategy to generate controversy, now, after a strong advance in global respect and inclusion in the entertainment world, it can cost his buoyant career.

At the moment none of the two artists has made any comment, will be waiting for the storm to clear, and in this way cope with the situation. By this comment, the actions that had previously had Benito in support of the gay and feminist now are hypocrites to many.

Something that has impressed is that Bad Bunny premiered “She Perrea Single,” finally hopefully this will just be a misunderstanding and that will soon be fixed for the artist to re-launch his agenda of concerts.