#BadBunnyIsOverParty: the controversial lyrics of Bad Bunny who “hates” Lady Gaga


Since the beginning of 2019 that Bad Bunny gives that talk with popular songs such as “La romana”, “MIA” along with Drake or “Callaita”, but his year has definitely been the year 2020.

Already to the middle of last year had released the album Oasis along with J Balvin, and this leap year took just the extra day in the calendar to launch his own production with collaborations: YHLQMDLG.

“Safaera” it positioned itself as the most popular of the plaque-causing a stir by being removed from Spotify during a day-, and “I dirty dancing single” provoked controversy after the publication of their video, because this shows Bad Bunny dressed as a woman, while he interprets the verses that he sings Nesi.

Also was on the cover of Rolling Stone in may and launched a second disk: That they were not going to leave.

Last Friday, may 29, the also puerto rican Anuel AA released their second album in two years Real to the death (2018): Emmanuel, the who-like YHLQMDLG– features collaborations with various artists of the urban scene.

Travis Barker, Zion, Farruko, Enrique Iglesias, Lil Wayne, Yandel and Bad Bunny are some of them. With the Rabbit Bad has two songs: “So am I”, and “Up to God to say”, the latter being the focus of criticism in social networks.

In the verses of the song describes the desire of the performers to a woman, comparing his relationship with the protagonists of A Star is Born: “You ere’ my Lady Gaga, I your Bradley Cooper” to continue talking about the sexual behavior of the singer-songwriter, winner of the Grammy, and Oscar, who recently premiered the album Chromatica.

The criticism on social networks did not wait. Whereas Bad Bunny qualifies as a feminist with lyrics like “I dirty dancing alone” -tarnished by its video, and “Only me”, which condemns sexism, was attacked by this inconsistency in his speech.

On the other hand, it is intended that their letters cannot be regarded as feminist always see the woman as a sexual object, and that his speech anti-chauvinist is a marketing strategy.

The controversy recalls the standoff between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, in which West released the song “Famous” by mentioning Swift in the verses: “I Feel that Taylor and I could still have sex/ why? I made that bitch famous.”