Becky G spoke about the protests for George Floyd and reclam justice


Becky G is tom a time to talk about the serious situation that lives the united States since the assassination of George Floyd and the government decisions that are taking place. The actress and singer mexico-u.s. declares on Twitter that will not make a blind eye to the people outraged by the protests, as the demonstrations took place in the framework of a march against the quarantine, not pas nothing. The actress of Power Rangers assured him that this is not ms that other displays of racism.

The singer Without Pajamas through your personal account invites to all those people who are angered by the protests, to stop telling the other how to act, besides, stated that she is no one to shut up. Very annoyed by the complicated situation that lives the pas american opin that you see ms people angered by the havoc that the murder of George Floyd, inst his followers not to run the view, and record that it all started with protests pacficas.

Becky Gwithout hairs in the language, acus’s armed forces to be the main instigators of the chaos and lead the people to that chaos reigns in Minnesota, although without thinking that the protests extenderan by the pas. The actress and singer reclam to the rulers who no longer want to be silent in their claims by force of bullets and gas lacrimgenos as est happening in these moments. For those who did not agree to, simply the mand to investigate and to learn.

Finally, the singer of When you bes confes that you are not proud of what is going on with #BlackLivesMatter, because this was a product of the murder of a citizen is african-american. As a citizen, mexican and american, call to end violence and resalt that the racism towards them is not stopped in the united States, but even in Latin America also must fight against the discriminacin and xenophobia.